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Processing CDN Logs: Unlocking the Door to Better Streaming

Access to CDN log data has not been an issue for years. Most of the bigger CDNs provide programmatic access to logs so that streaming operators can pull those logs into systems like New Relic or Splunk for better analysis. But these logs can be tremendously large taking a significant amount of time to ingest […]

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Close up photo of two engineers discussing potential issues on a laptop

How to prevent CDN issues affecting QoE with the help of CMCD

Streaming video operators face a continual enemy in the battle to ensure a high-quality viewing experience: root-cause analysis. Identifying and correcting the fundamental issues that undermine viewer QoE is a top priority, which is why many operators are turning to common media client data (CMCD): to get a better understanding of what’s happening in the […]

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Female streaming operations manager evaluating how to reduce streaming costs

How Becoming Data Smart Can Reduce Streaming Costs Without Losing Insight

Streaming operators need to find ways to reduce streaming costs because they are struggling with profitability. On the one hand, this is related to the cost of content versus the number of subscribers, but on the other, it is about service QoE. When there is too much buffering, macro blocking, or other issues with the […]

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Photograph of an engineer on a computer working with data

How Common Media Client Data (CMCD) Transforms Streaming Monitoring & Analysis

If you are operating a streaming platform and aren’t aware of the CTA-5004 specification of Common Media Client Data (CMCD), you should do so immediately, and even make a plan for implementation. CMCD is a critical bridge between player and CDN data, allowing for better operational analysis and identification of issues with video delivery much quicker.  However, […]

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Sustainable Streaming: A Greener Way to Video Quality Analysis

The rise of sustainable streaming is posing new challenges for streaming operators. Streaming is a 24/7/365 service that never turns off, and oftentimes, it scales at a moment’s notice to meet the needs of an expanding audience all tuning into a content stream, such as a live event. Those same streaming services fight a constant […]

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Photograph of an engineer making a digital presentation about AI & OTT monitoring automation

The Next Generation of OTT Monitoring: Automation

Across industries, everyone is talking about AI-based solutions and how they can improve their business. This includes streaming service providers, who are enticed by their potential to solve technical, resource, and cost-based challenges. Of course, not all AI use cases will pan out, but utilising it to improve specific aspects of business operations is certainly […]

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Overcoming Blind Spots: Tackling ISP Issues in Video Delivery

ISP issues in video delivery are one of the biggest pain points for operations teams, which is saying something because delivering streaming video itself is already difficult and not as straightforward as it seems. Although it follows a basic path of origin to CDN cache to end-viewer through the ISP, there are a lot of […]

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Person viewing FAST channel TV

How to Keep Your FAST Channels Out of the Slow Lane

Free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST channels) has grown significantly in recent months. However, just because these services are free, it doesn’t mean viewers are more forgiving of bad QoE. They still carry the same expectations they have with paid services. On top of that, there’s an additional worry for operators: these services rely strictly on […]

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Photo of people cheering on a live sports game on TV with low latency - featured image

Low Latency Streaming for Live Sports Events: Full Guide for Ops Teams

Live events are rapidly becoming the most important streaming content. People watch live video 10 to 20 times longer than on-demand content, and it also earns 27% more minutes of watch time per viewing. Only it’s not just the amount of time spent. The number of people watching is growing steadily too, with 63% of those aged 18-34 viewing live-streamed content […]

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CDN performance monitoring tablet

CDN Performance Monitoring: Best Practices for Superior Viewer Experience

CDN performance monitoring plays a pivotal role when it comes to providing a great viewing experience, as streaming operators must keep an eye on various key workflow components. For example, if encoders don’t operate properly, segments can get corrupted or quality can suffer. If the player isn’t running optimally, it can result in failures and […]

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viewer watching stream on tablet with poor qos due to bad ott performance

Preventing the Perils and Pitfalls of Poor OTT Performance

With competition in the streaming market heating up, maintaining a high level of OTT performance is an absolute must. Otherwise, the failure of even just one component to perform can set off a vicious chain reaction: technical issues cause delivery errors or increase your buffer ratio, leading to lower viewer satisfaction and your brand taking […]

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How to Keep Your Multi-CDN Strategy From Creating Multi-Problems

Using multiple CDNs is a way of life in today’s streaming world. From scalability to resiliency to ensuring the best quality of experience, many streaming operators have built powerful business logic to not only help them evaluate CDNs in real-time but switch between them on a user-by-user basis.  Unfortunately, none of that solves the underlying […]

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ad insertion detection solution monitoring video streaming ads

OTT Ad Insertion Detection: Protect Your Ad Revenues, QoE & Brand

To help offset the loss of subscription revenue driven by subscriber churn, many streaming platforms are exploring ad-supported options. While some providers, like Hulu and Peacock, have been including ads for a while, others such as Netflix and Disney+ are just about to roll out their ad-supported offerings. Meanwhile, Free Ad-Supported Streaming (FAST) providers, like Pluto and […]

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streaming workflow monitoring

How New CTA & SVA Project Will Improve Streaming Workflow Monitoring

Streaming operators struggle to provide exceptional viewer Quality of Experience (QoE). Not because they aren’t skilled, but simply because the video streaming tech stack is a hodge-podge of different technologies, sometimes hosted by third-party providers, with little to no interoperability. This complicates identifying the upstream or downstream impact of an issue as traffic moves through the streaming workflow.  […]

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cloud monitoring of serverless functions on a laptop

How to Include Serverless Functions In Your Cloud Monitoring Strategy

Cloud monitoring for your streaming video components is already complicated. With multiple cloud vendors, like CDNs, combined with containers and instances, it can be difficult to capture the data needed to ensure the best viewer experience. This gets even more complex with serverless functions.  This evolution of the video tech stack isn’t easily monitored–which is […]

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laptop showing video engagement metrics

How to Measure Video Engagement Metrics With a Proactive Monitoring Strategy

When viewers have an issue with performance, quality, or availability, the results can be catastrophic to the business. Not only do they watch less content, but they also abandon more content and even cancel their subscriptions. For OTT services that rely on advertising, that’s detrimental to the bottom line. The same holds true for SVOD, as […]

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streaming workflow visualisation

Live Streaming Workflows for OTT: Guide to Moving to the Cloud (IABM)

As the staggering growth of streaming viewership and consumption slows as indicated by Netflix’s meltdown at the start of 2022, and HBO’s (Crash of the) House of Dragons Premier in August 2022, streaming operators face one major challenge: ensuring streaming workflows scale both up and down. At the center is flexibility to cope with changing viewer demand patterns, who expect high […]

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CMAF vs HLS vs Dash: The Impact of Multiple Streaming Formats on Observability

As anyone deep in the video streaming technology stack knows, format fragmentation is a big issue. Part of the problem is that there’s no consensus as of yet on which format – CMAF vs HLS vs Dash – is the best. Apple is pushing HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), MPEG-Dash is gaining a lot of traction, and CMAF […]

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live stream monitoring guide

The Complete Guide to Live Stream Monitoring

Live stream monitoring is one of the key success factors for OTT streaming providers. It’s what ensures high Quality of Experience (QoE) for viewers in a crowded market where high latency, buffering, and downtime don’t just lead to increased customer churn but can result in ruined relationships with viewers forever. In the ever-more competitive live […]

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Touchstream Live Stream Dashboard

OTT Live Stream Dashboard: Monitoring vs Observability

Over the past couple of years, there has been an increasing interest in observability among streaming video operators and how to build it into live stream dashboards. It’s not that traditional monitoring is bad, it’s that observability promises something more: a way to derive insights without doing the manual work of piecing together data points from different […]

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operator showing how to monitor streaming data

Why You Must Monitor Streaming Data to Solve Fragmentation

There are dozens upon dozens of different technologies within streaming video stacks and many more options within each technology category, all of which are evolving and transforming at an astounding rate. It’s no surprise that data unification is a real problem, and whether you monitor streaming data proactively or reactively, finding the source of a […]

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person doing qos monitoring

QoS monitoring in OTT: importance, challenges & best practices

As streaming broadcasters know, end-users don’t care about how their content reaches them, they care about what it looks like. They judge the quality of their OTT, premium pay-TV, and broadcast services based on their actual viewing experience: whether there’s high latency, poor image quality, or buffering. Understandably, delivering a poor video quality of service […]

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An operations engineer root doing a root cause analysis and fixing errors

How to Fix the Root Cause Analysis Problem in Streaming Video

Your subscribers are churning right now. You just probably don’t know why – and that’s a much bigger problem. Of course, you might be able to hazard a guess looking at one of the dozen monitors in the NOC and dig in deeper by checking various specific dashboards and data elements. However, this takes way […]

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ott architecture illustration - featured image - touchstream

How Your OTT Architecture Will Benefit From Native Integrations

Interoperability is a big challenge in streaming workflows. A lot of resources are spent creating connections between different elements that are natively integrated. For example, developers may be tasked with building custom middleware to connect encoders with operational monitoring systems so engineers can know the status of encodes. This needs to happen dozens of times […]

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ott programmatic advertising monitoring - featured image

OTT Programmatic Advertising Is on the Rise: How Can You Monitor It?

OTT programmatic ads have radically improved the way streaming video providers, such as OTT platforms like Hulu and DAZN, sell ad inventory. What was a manual process before has become automated, driven by highly-targeted, first-person data to ensure the best possible match between eyeballs and ad content. But, unlike before where OTT operators had more […]

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illustration showing how streaming microservices work

Why Streaming Microservices Are the Future of OTT

There is no arguing the cloud and streaming microservices radically changed the way operators engineer their streaming services. Traditional broadcasting involves lots of hardware racked and stacked in data centres because those companies service viewers only within their geographic reach. Streaming, though, is a loosely-federated collection of different technologies which can be installed and operated […]

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the edge & cloud nativeness

Why We Need To Stop Talking About ‘The Edge’

It’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. The edge. But what, exactly, is the edge? Is it the edge of the operator’s network? The edge of the last mile? The home? The device? All of the above? Everyone, or every industry, seems to have their own definition which has spawned a number of […]

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Why Video Streaming Technology Stacks Are Always Evolving

According to technology veteran Steve Anderson, it took 22 years for the television to reach a mass audience at 25% market access. It took the internet just seven years. You can imagine that the streaming video took about that as well. The quickness of adoption with streaming video, from the first baseball game in the […]

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VirtualNOC Monitoring VS Observability

The One Thing You Must Have To Ensure A Great Streaming Experience

Engaging content? A good recommendation engine? The ability to connect on-prem, cloud, and third-party data sources? AI to automate basic tasks based on data thresholds? Sure, all of those are good and even, in most cases, necessary to be able to make quick business decisions when there’s an issue with the streaming video experience. But […]

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streaming workflow visualisation

Live Streaming Workflows for OTT: Full Guide to Moving to the Cloud

As the staggering growth of streaming viewership and consumption has been halted by Netflix’s meltdown at the start of 2022, streaming operators face one major challenge: ensuring streaming workflows are scalable both upwards and downwards. They need to allow for enough flexibility to cope with changing demand patterns of viewers, who expect high QoE and are well versed in […]

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Touchstream International signs YipTV to Keep Streaming Viewers in the Picture

Touchstream International signs YipTV to Keep Streaming Viewers in the PictureService Provides Monitoring of Delivery to Prevent Customer Problems SINGAPORE (June 7, 2016) – Leading-edge video streaming monitoring group Touchstream International today announced an agreement with YipTV, the fast-growing US based Over the Top (OTT) mobile cable operator. YipTV is using Touchstream’s monitoring platform to […]

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CIOReview Announces Touchstream International Pty Ltd

CIOReview Announces Touchstream International Pty Ltd as “Company of the Month” and One among the “20 Most Promising Content Delivery Network Solution Providers 2016” FREMONT, CA— Touchstream International Pty Ltd announced today that it has been recognized as one of the top 20 Content Delivery Network Solution Providers of 2016 and also featured as “Company of […]

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Touchstream Debuts Advanced Monitoring Platform at NAB

Demos Available in Telstra’s Partner Pavilion Booth SU6105‍ MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – April 24, 2017 – Touchstream, which identifies video streaming glitches before they become issues for end consumers, will use NAB to debut its all new, cloud-based monitoring and management system for dynamic live video streams. This is an ideal monitoring system for all sports streaming and […]

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Survey: Live Streaming QoE is Good Enough for Explosive Growth; but to Compete and Win, You’ll Need More Data, Delivered Faster

When streams don’t perform, people stop watching. But just how impatient are we? The answer is contained a new consumer survey on QoE (quality-of-experience) authored by Brian Ring of Ring Digital and sponsored by Touchstream. To view the survey, simply visit to get access. And if you are attending Akamai Edge this week, please comment or […]

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Upgrade Your OTT End-to-End Workflow Monitoring with the Next Version of StreamE2E

If you are participating in the streaming video explosion across the globe, perhaps as a content owner or a video service provider/OTT platform, then you understand the need for ensuring video quality and availability. Viewers have high expectations for online video. They want the experience to mimic what they are used to with broadcast television—consistent, […]

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Create a Loyal User Base With OTT End-to-End Problem Management

When it comes to OTT live streaming, there are multiple stages at which errors can occur. The delivery chain, multi-bitrate encoders, the origin, and CDN are part of a complex network infrastructure. This means without holistic visibility, issues can arise, and those issues can easily go unnoticed. For OTT broadcasters, that’s where the importance of […]

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The Future of OTT: The 3 Video Streaming Industry Trends for 2022

Streaming is on the rise and there is no stopping it. It’s transformed from an unreliable service that would freeze, making you miss that winning moment of a huge sporting event, to a seamless experience available at the click of a button — one that most of us don’t even notice as anything different from […]

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