Linear Streams

Our linear stream monitoring service provides you with a complete picture on the health of every aspect of your live channel.  You can be confident your platform is ready for primetime all the time.

Always on

Our service constantly monitors your streams and will alert you to errors even when nobody is watching them.

Lightweight and fast

Our platform tests every bitrate, every stream, all the time. So you are always informed and ready to respond.

Multiple perspectives

We monitor from various different locations, origins and CDNs to identify the root cause of issues quickly.

Predictive analysis

Don't just look backwards, predict when problems will occur and apply KPIs to every bitrate so you can be ahead of any problems.

Video On Demand

We optimise your VOD service with a range of features – dynamic asset selection, wide format support and forensic results. We take it a step further and also monitor your service from your viewers’ perspective, so they don’t have to.

Dynamic asset selection

We monitor what matters most such as trending, popular and latest and we inform you of changes quickly.

External and predictable

We only report on platform issues, not customers' home networking problems.

Wide format support

We support all major media formats and will always stay ahead of the curve in supporting new formats.

Forensic results

HTTP header capture for every request, every time, 24/7. Be confident in your data.

Application APIs

We aren’t pretending to know how your business needs your data presented, so we built a full API so you can use our data in any way that suits you. Now thats flexibility.

Complete application

Our platform automatically simulates user testing and viewing of your streams so you can be confident everything is working.

Interact compare

We compare requests side-by-side when you need to identify differences between successful and failed calls.

Smarter analysis

We debug problems by peering into the details of every request and response and inform you of issues.

Complete picture

Verifies your APIs are returning the right data even for complicated multi-step workflows and chained requests.

Ready to take control of your streams?

The Touchstream Advantage

Real-time monitoring of every channel, every format and every bitrate. So you dont have to wait for hear from customers about content buffering, stalling - even not working.

  • 24/7 Protection

    Know your streams are available and performing at their best at all times.

  • Fast, Easy Set Up

    We handle setup, configuration and ongoing maintenance, all with zero code changes at your end.

  • Actionable Alerts

    We monitor at your front door and alert you to all actionable issues under your control.