Simple Data Integration

You probably already have capital invested in monitoring solutions – maybe a hardware appliance or a cloud-based service. Or both. But none of it works seamlessly together. It’s all siloed data adding time to problem resolution you can ill afford.
StreamE2E takes all the data from these monitoring solutions and integrates it into our
dashboard giving you a single visualization of all your StreamCAM and third-party data.

Protect Subscriber Revenue

OTT viewers expect an uninterrupted viewing experience similar to broadcast television. With StreamE2E’s single view dashboard, you can radically cut down on issue resolution time by removing unnecessary steps. With all of your streaming delivery data in one place, root-cause diagnosis can be significantly reduced so you are not jeopardizing the health of your subscriber base.

Trace Issues From Glass-to-Glass

Having difficulty chasing a customer issue across multiple service providers? StreamE2E helps mitigate this by providing a single view of all streaming delivery data in a single dashboard through which you can easily map Session IDs from one provider another. With our end-to-end view and your third-party data, your video operations will be able to see, trace, and resolve issues from glass-to-glass.

StreamCAM™ FAQs

Yes, you will need to run a script internally that collects the data from your hardware, then you can HTTP POST the status information via the Touchstream API so that it is visible in the StreamE2E dashboard.

Yes, if the third-party service provides an API for access to your audience measurement data. You can then HTTP POST the status information via the Touchstream API so that it’s visible in the StreamE2E dashboard.

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