live stream monitoring guide The Complete Guide to Live Stream Monitoring

The Complete Guide to Live Stream Monitoring

Live stream monitoring is one of the key success factors for OTT streaming providers. It’s what ensures high Quality of Experience (QoE) for viewers in a crowded market where high latency, buffering, and downtime don’t just lead to increased customer churn but can result in ruined relationships with viewers forever. In the ever-more competitive live […]

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Touchstream Live Stream Dashboard

OTT Live Stream Dashboard: Monitoring vs Observability

Over the past couple of years, there has been an increasing interest in observability among streaming video operators and how to build it into live stream dashboards. It’s not that traditional monitoring is bad, it’s that observability promises something more: a way to derive insights without doing the manual work of piecing together data points from different […]

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operator showing how to monitor streaming data

Why You Must Monitor Streaming Data to Solve Fragmentation

There are dozens upon dozens of different technologies within streaming video stacks and many more options within each technology category, all of which are evolving and transforming at an astounding rate. It’s no surprise that data unification is a real problem, and whether you monitor streaming data proactively or reactively, finding the source of a […]

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person doing qos monitoring

QoS monitoring in OTT: importance, challenges & best practices

As streaming broadcasters know, end-users don’t care about how their content reaches them, they care about what it looks like. They judge the quality of their OTT, premium pay-TV, and broadcast services based on their actual viewing experience: whether there’s high latency, poor image quality, or buffering. Understandably, delivering a poor video quality of service […]

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An operations engineer root doing a root cause analysis and fixing errors

How to Fix the Root Cause Analysis Problem in Streaming Video

Your subscribers are churning right now. You just probably don’t know why – and that’s a much bigger problem. Of course, you might be able to hazard a guess looking at one of the dozen monitors in the NOC and dig in deeper by checking various specific dashboards and data elements. However, this takes way […]

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ott architecture illustration - featured image - touchstream

How Your OTT Architecture Will Benefit From Native Integrations

Interoperability is a big challenge in streaming workflows. A lot of resources are spent creating connections between different elements that are natively integrated. For example, developers may be tasked with building custom middleware to connect encoders with operational monitoring systems so engineers can know the status of encodes. This needs to happen dozens of times […]

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ott programmatic advertising monitoring - featured image

OTT Programmatic Advertising Is on the Rise: How Can You Monitor It?

OTT programmatic ads have radically improved the way streaming video providers, such as OTT platforms like Hulu and DAZN, sell ad inventory. What was a manual process before has become automated, driven by highly-targeted, first-person data to ensure the best possible match between eyeballs and ad content. But, unlike before where OTT operators had more […]

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illustration showing how streaming microservices work

Why Streaming Microservices Are the Future of OTT

There is no arguing the cloud and streaming microservices radically changed the way operators engineer their streaming services. Traditional broadcasting involves lots of hardware racked and stacked in data centres because those companies service viewers only within their geographic reach. Streaming, though, is a loosely-federated collection of different technologies which can be installed and operated […]

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the edge & cloud nativeness

Why We Need To Stop Talking About ‘The Edge’

It’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. The edge. But what, exactly, is the edge? Is it the edge of the operator’s network? The edge of the last mile? The home? The device? All of the above? Everyone, or every industry, seems to have their own definition which has spawned a number of […]

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Why Video Streaming Technology Stacks Are Always Evolving

According to technology veteran Steve Anderson, it took 22 years for the television to reach a mass audience at 25% market access. It took the internet just seven years. You can imagine that the streaming video took about that as well. The quickness of adoption with streaming video, from the first baseball game in the […]

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