Touchstream AWS Partner Status Touchstream Expands Relationship with AWS & AWS Elemental

Touchstream Expands Relationship with AWS & AWS Elemental

Touchstream Achieves AWS Technology Partner Status Touchstream is pleased to announce the deepening of its relationship with Amazon Web Services within the AWS Partner Network (APN). In 2022, Touchstream achieved AWS Technology Partner status, completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR), joined the AWS ISV Accelerate program, and released upgraded native integrations with many AWS Elemental […]

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viewer watching stream on tablet with poor qos due to bad ott performance

Preventing the Perils and Pitfalls of Poor OTT Performance

With competition in the streaming market heating up, maintaining a high level of OTT performance is an absolute must. Otherwise, the failure of even just one component to perform can set off a vicious chain reaction: technical issues cause delivery errors or increase your buffer ratio, leading to lower viewer satisfaction and your brand taking […]

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How to Keep Your Multi-CDN Strategy From Creating Multi-Problems

Using multiple CDNs is a way of life in today’s streaming world. From scalability to resiliency to ensuring the best quality of experience, many streaming operators have built powerful business logic to not only help them evaluate CDNs in real-time but switch between them on a user-by-user basis.  Unfortunately, none of that solves the underlying […]

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ad insertion detection solution monitoring video streaming ads

OTT Ad Insertion Detection: Protect Your Ad Revenues, QoE & Brand

To help offset the loss of subscription revenue driven by subscriber churn, many streaming platforms are exploring ad-supported options. While some providers, like Hulu and Peacock, have been including ads for a while, others such as Netflix and Disney+ are just about to roll out their ad-supported offerings. Meanwhile, Free Ad-Supported Streaming (FAST) providers, like Pluto and […]

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streaming workflow monitoring

How New CTA & SVA Project Will Improve Streaming Workflow Monitoring

Streaming operators struggle to provide exceptional viewer Quality of Experience (QoE). Not because they aren’t skilled, but simply because the video streaming tech stack is a hodge-podge of different technologies, sometimes hosted by third-party providers, with little to no interoperability. This complicates identifying the upstream or downstream impact of an issue as traffic moves through the streaming workflow.  […]

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cloud monitoring of serverless functions on a laptop

How to Include Serverless Functions In Your Cloud Monitoring Strategy

Cloud monitoring for your streaming video components is already complicated. With multiple cloud vendors, like CDNs, combined with containers and instances, it can be difficult to capture the data needed to ensure the best viewer experience. This gets even more complex with serverless functions.  This evolution of the video tech stack isn’t easily monitored–which is […]

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laptop showing video engagement metrics

How to Measure Video Engagement Metrics With a Proactive Monitoring Strategy

When viewers have an issue with performance, quality, or availability, the results can be catastrophic to the business. Not only do they watch less content, but they also abandon more content and even cancel their subscriptions. For OTT services that rely on advertising, that’s detrimental to the bottom line. The same holds true for SVOD, as […]

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streaming workflow visualisation

Live Streaming Workflows for OTT: Guide to Moving to the Cloud (IABM)

As the staggering growth of streaming viewership and consumption slows as indicated by Netflix’s meltdown at the start of 2022, and HBO’s (Crash of the) House of Dragons Premier in August 2022, streaming operators face one major challenge: ensuring streaming workflows scale both up and down. At the center is flexibility to cope with changing viewer demand patterns, who expect high […]

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CMAF vs HLS vs Dash: The Impact of Multiple Streaming Formats on Observability

As anyone deep in the video streaming technology stack knows, format fragmentation is a big issue. Part of the problem is that there’s no consensus as of yet on which format – CMAF vs HLS vs Dash – is the best. Apple is pushing HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), MPEG-Dash is gaining a lot of traction, and CMAF […]

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live stream monitoring guide

The Complete Guide to Live Stream Monitoring

Live stream monitoring is one of the key success factors for OTT streaming providers. It’s what ensures high Quality of Experience (QoE) for viewers in a crowded market where high latency, buffering, and downtime don’t just lead to increased customer churn but can result in ruined relationships with viewers forever. In the ever-more competitive live […]

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