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Touchstream Expands Relationship with AWS & AWS Elemental

Touchstream AWS Partner Status

Touchstream Achieves AWS Technology Partner Status

Touchstream is pleased to announce the deepening of its relationship with Amazon Web Services within the AWS Partner Network (APN). In 2022, Touchstream achieved AWS Technology Partner status, completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR), joined the AWS ISV Accelerate program, and released upgraded native integrations with many AWS Elemental MediaSuite products.

Touchstream is AWS Partner

Touchstream is a SaaS company empowering Video Operations teams and Video Streaming Engineers to provide best-in-class QoS by using proactive OTT stream monitoring across the entire end-to-end video workflow. Streaming video companies depend upon Touchstream to help them find, diagnose, and take action upon streaming errors before impacting subscribers and customers.  

The unique partnership with AWS benefits customers of both companies by unifying into a central, clear dashboard the performance across all AWS MediaSuite products in use, alongside any third party integrations customers choose to use, while allowing centralised billing and tool selection through the Amazon Marketplace, making procurement simple and allowing teams to make fast decisions that benefit their KPIs and performance objectives as competitive streaming video providers.

This latest extension of our relationship with AWS will deliver fantastic benefits to our customers. The combination of AWS Partner status, FTR certification and the Qualified Software badge gives Touchstream the coveted AWS stamp of approval the OTT industry increasingly requires to show our cloud-native solution meets AWS’ high security, reliability and operational standards.

Brenton Ough, CEO & Co-Founder of Touchstream

Touchstream is AWS Qualified Software

Touchstream successfully completed an AWS Foundational Technical Review, resulting in VirtualNOC (SaaS for OTT monitoring) being accredited as an AWS Qualified Software. This means AWS verified Touchstream’s solution’s stability, security, performance, and cost-efficiency, thereby achieving the much-coveted AWS Qualified Software badge.

Touchstream is AWS Qualified Software

With this achievement, Touchstream plans to further increase its focus on global sales and technological advancement. In particular, with continuous cooperation with AWS, the company plans to further its position as the leading monitoring harness for OTT operators differentiating by deeply integrating with real-time data across the OTT workflow, including with AWS Link devices, and across both software and hardware devices in use by customers to achieve true observability of live streaming workflows.

Touchstream in the AWS Marketplace 

Touchstream is now available in the AWS Marketplace where it offers both its core product of complete VirtualNOC and its CDN Monitoring tool as SaaS, available for self-service purchase or by AWS Private Offer.


This means that smaller OTT providers may now subscribe directly to Touchstream’s SaaS via the AWS Marketplace, and large customers can simplify procurement and billing processes using Marketplace.

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Native Integrations with AWS MediaSuite

Monitor your AWS MediaSuite integrations across your video workflow with Touchstream using powerful, real-time integrations of AWS Elemental Link, AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS MediaConnect, AWS Elemental MediaPackage, AWS MediaStore, AWS MediaTailor and supported log analytics from AWS Cloudfront.

AWS MediaSuite

Learn more about Touchstream’s integrations with AWS Media Services.