Meet team Touchstream

To put it simply, application teams only monitor what is important to them, not the holistic user experience of their end-users, which is where problems actually originate. This is what makes Touchstream different from everybody else.

All of our principal engineers have been designing, building and maintaining performance monitoring solutions for over ten years, giving us a wealth of skills and experience which we bring to every customer. This ensures we deliver the best outcome we possibly can, every time.

Touchstream’s leadership team brings together a strong mix of experience from a whole range of different backgrounds. Our proven track record in telecommunications, streaming media and finance means we think and act differently than other companies and we are constantly iterating our products and service to ensure we are the best we can be.

Headquartered in Melbourne Australia, Touchstream’s founders collectively draw upon 50 years of experience in performance monitoring and management as well as related skills in technical consulting and business development.

We pride ourselves on delivering “operational excellence” to our clients making continual and meaningful improvements to all aspects of broadcast delivery.



Touchstream's Story

Ready to take control of your streams?

How do we do it?

Monitoring Masters

We set up a complete workflow from your customers’ point of view, to ensure every call to your application and CDN is available and responding quickly.

Big Data People

We measure the availability and performance of every bitrate on every live stream so you get the fuller picture.


Our data scientists sift through your “dark data” to unlock the value and deliver clear, real-time dashboards, including finding things you didn't even know you needed.